Maximus 360 Lizard USB Flash Tool

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Maximus 360 Lizard USB Flash Tool

This is a hardware solution that will avoid the problems caused by windows de 64, SATA plate incompatibility and constant resetting of the computer to detect the reader, etc...

Details Maximus 360 Lizard USB:

  • Maximus 360 Lizard USB is a powerful flasher by hardware with deblokking, reading, writing, erasing and withdrawing of the keys.
  • Compatible with all Xbox 360 readers: Samsung, Hitachi, Benq, Liteon, and Liteon Slim. (it also deblocks and read the latest 0225 keys).
  • Compatible with a lot of DVD SATA PC readers.
  • Compatible with key AES 128 verifying.
  • Various function Modus:can be used with PC or on its own*.
  • MicroSD reader.
  • Updateable Firmware.
  • Connection ports for new accessories (some are already being develloped).
  • Graphic screen.
  • Friendly navigation system, easy to use, simplified.
  • Multilanguage menu.
  • Free PC Software.

*This option will be available for future firmware updates.
** Some of these options might not be available when the Maximus 360 Lizard USB will be launched, they will be in the future with firmware updates